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Making Good Fathers Great

You have heard me talk of Strong Fathers. Well, I want to talk about Great Fathers.
You see, societies rise or fall on the strength of the Family, and the Family desperately needs Fathers who are committed, lead, and spend time with their kids and love the mother of their children, in order to be strong.

I see many good Dads at St Marks, and I am sure that they would be running rings around me as involved and committed fathers if they were around in my day. But life has taught me a lot about Fatherhood, mainly that there are no second runs at it.

So my challenge to Dads everywhere is to learn not to be content with just being a Good Dad, but being a GREAT Dad.

The Making Good Dads Great movement has arrived!
Check out the events for the launch details.

Your Chaplain.

Preschool resumes – what you need to know!

Hello everyone,

Pre School resumes on Monday, January 25th.

Here are some good tips for starting the new year:

  1. Label EVERYTHING! Socks and shoes included.
  2. Please don’t bring toys. However, a comforter for rest time is fine.
  3. NO drink bottles until Term 4. There are bubblers for water always available and milk at lunch time.
  4. Hats and sunscreen are essential, and dress to be sun safe. NO thongs please.
  5. Check pigeon holes for important notes and information daily.
  6. A healthy lunch box! Fresh is best, and remember a piece of fruit to share.
  7. Always sign IN and OUT everyday, with the actual time.

Looking forward to a great year with your little ones.

The Staff at St Marks.

Welcome to Term 4!

Term 4 begins on Tuesday 7th October.

Changes for the Lollipop children

  • morning tea packed in their lunch box
  • a water bottle
  • fruit in their lunch box cut ready for them to eat (no need to use fruit basket)
  • food ready to eat! We no longer heat food for Lollipops.
  • no sheet or rest time toys as no rest time

Looking forward to a very busy term full of fun!


New Website

With the introduction of the new website, we will be periodically adding photos of our children doing different activities and at our special events.

We would ask that all parents sign the forms that have been left in your pigeon holes providing permission to have your child’s photo included on the site.



Welcome to St Marks Pre-School and Long Day Care Centre.

Operating in Tamworth since 1974 we are proud to have been offering quality Pre-School and Day Care options to families for over 40 years.

We have cater for up to 44 children each day who are placed in 2 dedicated rooms, the Jellybean Room for 3-4 year olds and the Lollipop Room for 4-5 year olds.