Preschool resumes – what you need to know!

Hello everyone,

Pre School resumes on Monday, January 25th.

Here are some good tips for starting the new year:

  1. Label EVERYTHING! Socks and shoes included.
  2. Please don’t bring toys. However, a comforter for rest time is fine.
  3. NO drink bottles until Term 4. There are bubblers for water always available and milk at lunch time.
  4. Hats and sunscreen are essential, and dress to be sun safe. NO thongs please.
  5. Check pigeon holes for important notes and information daily.
  6. A healthy lunch box! Fresh is best, and remember a piece of fruit to share.
  7. Always sign IN and OUT everyday, with the actual time.

Looking forward to a great year with your little ones.

The Staff at St Marks.